Homeless Medical Recovery
A 501C3 Non-Profit Organization

Center for Respite Care
3550 Washington Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45229

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Medical Recovery

The Medical Recovery Program at the Center for Respite Care (the Center) serves single, homeless individuals from the Greater Cincinnati area with acute medical issues.

Individuals who are homeless experience a high rate of unresolved health conditions and complications, repeat emergency room visits and extended hospital stays due to improper healing.  Substandard living conditions, inadequate nutrition, extreme weather and no or very limited access to healthcare inevitably leads to serious health conditions.

After medical issues are identified, diagnosed and initially treated, sometimes extended recovery is needed. Shelters and homeless treatment programs are unable to accommodate homeless individuals with serious health conditions such as open wounds, acute medical conditions, those in need of surgery, or recovery from exacerbated chronic conditions.

Key interventions of the Medical Recovery program include:

For more information about the program or to submit a referral, please contact our Nurse Supervisor at nursesupervisor@centerforrespitecare.org

Permanent Supportive Housing

Through the county wide Continuum of Care’s coordinated entry, housing clients have the opportunity to come into the Center’s Housing and Urban Development funded, scattered site, permanent supportive housing program for individuals who are chronically homeless and have one or more disabilities. It is a “housing first model,” and allows the individual to remain housed permanently while receiving intensive case management and assistance with the coordination and utilization of community supports.

Key interventions of the Permanent Supportive Housing program include: