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by | Nov 15, 2021 | The Center’s Words

The past two years have been especially difficult for each of us. This has been exponential for people experiencing homelessness. The holiday season and colder weather hits people experiencing homelessness especially hard. Many have lost contact with family and friends. Life on the street can be scary and lonely, with survival the daily focus. At the Center for Respite Care, we work to make our client’s lives not only healthier, but happier, and more hopeful.

The efforts of the medical and case management teams are enhanced by the ongoing support of people like you, our donors, and volunteers. Your ongoing acts of kindness on behalf of our clients truly makes the mission happen.

With cold weather coming on, we are asking for donations of coats and other winter wear. Also, we need personal care items for both women and men. While we are a 24/7 organization, sometimes are better than others for a delivery. Give us a call (513-621-1868). Send an email ( or send a message from the website’s Contact Page and we’ll get your delivery scheduled when we can provide you with assistance.

There are many wonderful organizations who are working to provide much needed services –  services that any of us or a loved one could require. Folks often ask us, “How can I help?”

  1. Donate to the Center for Respite Care and other organizations:
    We’re currently looking for warm clothing and personal care items. Some other locations may need toys, clothing, books, household items, or furniture. As you inventory your own home and prepare to discard items, know that there are folks who will find them useful. Most organizations have a wish-list, often posted on their website.
  2. Volunteer
    While the pandemic has made it challenging for individuals to physically come to the Center to provide and serve meals and to engage clients in learning or leisure activities. There are still opportunities to volunteer through delivering food, and wish-list items. Also, wish-list drives are a great way to involve the youngsters in your life as they learn about service to others. We look forward to the time when we can again have a full host of volunteers on site. Thank you to all that have helped our clients during this international health crisis.
  3. Show Kindness
    You may find yourself encountering individuals experiencing homelessness as you walk the streets of our city. The simplest and most impactful way to help a person experiencing homelessness in one of these chance encounters is to help them feel seen, and worthwhile. Offer a smile, a kind word of encouragement and, while I am not an advocate of giving money on the street when asked, a civil decline is also an act of kindness.

We are all unique human beings with complex stories. Like you and me these are individuals who have been in families, have held down jobs, have been neighbors. We are all sometimes in need of grace and a helping hand. At the Center for Respite Care one of our core values is to “Demonstrate mercy and compassion for all.

On behalf of the Center’s clients, our thanks.

A warm and safe Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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