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Pam Hoffman thanks the Center

by | Nov 2, 2022 | The Center’s Words

Pam Hoffman experienced homelessness for about a year — ended up in the hospital and then the hospital referred her to the Center — she is one of the people whom we are proud to call our client.

As we prepare to launch our annual appeal campaign, we introduce you to the people we are privileged to know. Pam came to the Center pre-pandemic.

“I was sick and had to go to the Center from the hospital because I had pneumonia and couldn’t breathe. They sent me to get extra treatment.”

She explains that she loved her time at the Center. “ I loved my experience there.  I was homeless and I had nowhere to go —  nobody to help me do anything. They helped me with everything. They helped me get my place to live.”

She explains that she lived at the Center for seven months — the Center team located stable housing and she regained her life. Once she was healthy again — an apartment was located and the staff helped her to furnish it, move in, and get settled. 

Dave Ehrnschwender, the Center case manager was her hero. He worked with social security, assisted with her move — and sadly when she had to move again — located a new place for her.

Pam is wistful about the Center and her time there.

“I would go back there in a minute if I ever needed to. It was a very great place. I am still in touch with many of the people. I went there last month and talked to everybody (in there) and told them about my experience.”

Pam explains that she wants people to know that her life now is great because of the Center. If it was not for the Center,  “ I wouldn’t have a place to live and  I wouldn’t have furniture. I wouldn’t have anything.” They helped her to obtain food stamps and all that she needs for living. “ Without them, I don’t know where I would be today.”\

 She further explains that she was supported in ongoing medical care.

“I had to have an oxygen tank that I carry on my back that they helped me get into my apartment.” she adds “I’m very grateful and I appreciate everything they’ve done for me.”

Pam’s story — and others like her — will be featured throughout the campaign. Please consider a gift to the Center.

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