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Thank you, Hamilton County!

by | Feb 16, 2022 | The Center’s Words

The Center for Respite Care exists due to the generosity of individuals, foundations, state and local grants–and Hamilton County. That means taxpayers. The Center cares for people experiencing homelessness who do not have a place to go upon release from the hospital or other medical treatment.  We address immediate medical needs, but our service to clients doesn’t stop there.  We help locate stable housing or long-term care, assist in job placement, obtaining benefits and, significantly, give clients who have lost their way a helping hand in bridging back to independence and healthier living. 

 Our home county helps make this possible.

 Importantly, while we do receive tax levy funds, we save the community money through medical treatment that is significantly less expensive than hospitalization.  We also prepare the client for a healthy return to the community through extensive case management and creative placement.  We teach clients about vital life skills necessary for overall health and wellbeing as well as resources that enable a productive life.  While we do receive taxpayer dollars as well as other funding for these services – we ultimately reduce expenses to the community overall by helping people integrate back into the community in a balanced and healthy way.

 And most importantly, an individual gets well.

 We recently presented our statistics to the county, as follows:

 Tax Levy funds support:

  • 20 percent of the agency’s overall budget
  • Care for 55 senior clients –2,897 bed-nights across the course of the most recent levy
  • Medical supplies, food-beverages, personal care items, basic clothing, and footwear
  • Client transportation; metro bus cards, bus transfers, and other transportation needs
  • Medical recovery staff partial wages
  • Case managers partial wages
  • Related facility and associated personnel costs

Significantly, the funds enable the Center to address community services and mental health issues and trauma. This is essential to the long-term prevention of individuals returning to the streets. Medical respites such as the Center are a crucial component of the nationwide healthcare system by lifting the burden to hospitals and providing personalized care. The Center is on the cutting edge of treating the entire person, beginning with a social needs assessment, obtaining ID’s and benefits, and addressing mental health needs as well as illness. 

We also coordinate community services.  Low case management to client ratio allows intensive personalized care to help clients overcome common barriers to preventing homelessness.  Research shows tailored and personalized care teams create a more positive and long-term solution for people experiencing homelessness.  Establishing a medical home and primary care is crucial to maintain stable housing—overall poor health contributes greatly to homelessness.  We also coordinate pastoral care, therapy groups and alcohol & drug addiction treatment groups as needed. 

Our goal is to keep people off the streets and aid in returning their dignity, health, and life.

We could not provide these services without the generosity and support of donors – and Hamilton County.

Thank you for believing in the people we serve and the work that we do.

It truly takes a village.

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