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The Center Thanks Martha and Diana: Tireless Volunteers

by | May 16, 2022 | The Center’s Words

Diana and Martha

Martha Schueler and Diana Klinedinst are good friends. They have also been a powerful team raising money for Center for Respite Care. Transformation Awards 2022 is the first event in ten years that has not been chaired by the duo.

“We are eternally grateful for the work of Martha and Diana. They have engaged key community members with the Center. They were able to take the annual event from a live activity to a virtual – one during COVID. They did not miss a beat and produced a high-quality experience that netted much-needed resources for the Center,” Laurie Nelson, CEO said.

Both women are Greater Cincinnatians, are avid Xavier University basketball fans and supporters, and attend church together.

Martha and Diana reflect on their ongoing commitment to the Center.

Martha shared:

“We both became involved through Dr. Bob Donovan (the Center’s medical director). We all attended the same Parish. Because I have a medical background, I was drawn to the Center’s mission of providing quality, holistic medical care to people experiencing homelessness who need a safe place to heal. It is such a necessary need and it’s difficult enough to continue to heal in a safe environment let alone on the street.

I have been involved with the Center for approximately 14 yrs. Diana and I started volunteering to do Healing Touch for any client that was open and interested in trying it. After a few years, I then became involved with the Transformation Awards and also joined the Board.”

From Diana:

“Bob Donovan asked if I would be interested in offering Healing Touch to the clients. So, I started volunteering as an HT practitioner and then later was asked to join the board.

Everything moves me about the Center. The staff’s dedication and professionalism. A safe place where people who are sick and experiencing homelessness can stay and heal. While they are at the facility the staff works with the clients to assist in other issues they are facing. Also, there are many volunteers that support the client’s needs. The Center for Respite Care provides the clients with hope for the future.”

While presenting the Transformation Awards in a Virtual format the past two years was a challenge, through the efforts of these co-chairs the events were a fundraising success.

“Together Martha and Diana pressed forward – during the pandemic– and ensured that all involved with the Transformation Awards had a meaningful experience – this included the honorees, the Center staff, and the patrons,” Nelson added.

Along with activities in their parish and support of Xavier University’s athletics program, both have been involved in Sarah Center which is part of St Francis Seraph Ministries. Through Sarah Center, neighborhood women create jewelry, quilts, and other items to be sold.

Schueler and Klinedinst are often described as humble. They simply roll up their sleeves and get to work. Neither expected to be recognized by an event that they built.

Diana remarked and Martha shared the sentiment:

I appreciate the recognition but do not feel it necessary. I feel it is our duty at some point in life to serve the community and help make it a better place. The Center provides an important function in the Tri-State. It is the only facility that provides 24/7 health care to people who are experiencing homelessness. I can’t think of a better way to spend some of my time in helping them to continue their mission.”

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