Center for Respite Care Annual Report: 2015-16

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of “impact” is a powerful or major influence or effect. The Center had a trifecta in terms of impact: 1) 117 homeless adults received care in our medical recovery center – had they not been referred to us by the local hospitals, they would have recovered under a bridge or on a park bench, 2) the board of directors approved a relocation to OTR, and 3) we secured our first transformational gift, which allowed us to start an endowment.

It is our pleasure to share some details about our 117 clients and how they transitioned to self-sufficiency. The Center had a positive impact on 117 homeless adults from 4/1/2015 – 3/31/2016. It is no secret that military veterans experience homelessness. Fourteen of our clients were veterans and we were honored to support these wonderful men and women. Dr. Robert Donovan* and his nursing team were able to discharge our clients within an average of 31 days. This means that their transition to self-sufficiency was faster than the prior year.

Board and staff set a goal of 80% occupancy rate. The final result was 70.06%, taking into account that we do not mix genders in the bedrooms. This result underscores the need to relocate to the St. Anthony Center. We are especially pleased to share that 76% of our clients moved to an environment suited for their individual specific need, which accelerated their self-sufficiency.

We are in the business of helping homeless adults heal after an emergency room visit or hospital stay. However, we cannot do it without staff, collaborative partners, churches, civic groups, volunteers, and our financial supporters. Last year, 376 selfless volunteers gave of their time (4,078 hours) and talent to help our clients feel whole.

Thank you for being the “turning point” for 2017.

*Dr. Donovan’s services graciously provided by Cincinnati Health Network

The Center for Respite Care is grateful for all our donors and supporters and regrets any errors in the following list from fiscal year 2015-16. For corrections, contact Ed Slater, Chief Advancement Officer at and please accept our apology.


($15,000.00 to $5,000,000.00)


DAV Charitable Service Trust

Interact for Health

L & L Nippert Charitable Foundation, Inc.

PNC Charitable Trust

Ms. Martha Schueler

The Greater Cincinnati Foundation



($10,000.00 to $14,000.00)

A Good Neighbor Foundation


Anonymous Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Dr. Santa Ono

David F. Rinderle Memorial

Sycamore Presbyterian Church

Vitas Healthcare

Mr. Glenn Wright


($5,000.00 to $9,999.00)


Ms. Ina W. Broeman

Cambridge Charitable Foundation

Hyde Park Community UMC

Franklin A. and Janet S. Klaine Family Foundation

Knox Presbyterian Church

Liberty Mutual Foundation

Nehemiah Manufacturing Co.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Niehaus

Robert & Christine Steinmann Family Foundation

Union Savings Bank & Guardian Savings Bank

US Bank

Western & Southern Financial Fund

Home City Ice

Hyde Park Community United Methodist Women

Mr. George Joseph

JTM Provisions Co., Inc.

Joseph Kiesler

The Kroger Co.

Mrs. Joan Maechling

Dr. Angela M. Rath & Mr. Brian Antenucci

Mr. Jerry Ewers & Mr. Brian Tiffany

Ms. Marcia Spaeth Kennedy & Mr. James C. Kennedy

Dr. Ryan M. Hays & Ms. Virginia P. Mischen-Hays

Our Lady of the Visitation Church

Saint Paul United Methodist Church

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Sedler

St. Mary Catholic Church

St. Xavier High School

Stagnaro Distributing, LLC

The Province of St. John the Baptist of the Order of Friars Minor

The Wyler Family Foundation

TQL Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Valentine

Weist Charitable Fund

Virginia K. Weston Assistance Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Xavier University


($500.00 to $999.00)

Mr. & Mrs. John Abbate

Archdiocese of Cincinnati

Mrs. Rebecca Beckstedt

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Behme

Dr. Charles W. Bell

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Brown

Dr. Lee Burroughs

Mr. & Mrs. Terry Daum

Deer Park Roofing

Dr. & Mrs. Mark Deis

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Dowd

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Fister

Mr. Dwight Broeman

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Calhoun

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Camden

Ms. Renee Cantwell

Mrs. Lucille Carothers

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Chartock

Mr. Robert Christen

Mr. Robert Conners

Mr. Brent Cooper

Dr. & Mrs. James Corwin

Dr. & Mrs. Carey Costantini

Mrs. Ruby Crawford-Hemphill

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Cuni

Ms. Mary Anne Curtiss

Ms. Ronda Deel

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Demmerle

Mr. & Mrs. Daryl Denham

Ms. Marcia Derks

DeSales Crossings Marianist Community

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Donovan

Ms. Catherine Donovan

Mr. & Mrs. George Dostie

Dr. David Flaspohler & Dr. Cynthia Crown

Dr. Neal Weintraub & Dr. MJ Weintraub

Dr. John M. Hall & Dr. Sarah M. Knox

Ms. Maureen Dunne

Mr. & Mrs. James Eigel

Michael Emming

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Eyre

Mr. Jeremy Fauber

Mr. & Mrs. John Fillion

Ms. Roberta Fiore-Kittell

Friars Club, Inc.

Mrs. Marietta Garber

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Garrett

Mr. Michael Garvey

GE Foundation

Dr. & Mrs. Glenn Gollobin

Mrs. Deann Gorham

Mr. & Mrs. John Grate

Mr. Robert Gray Edmiston

Mr. Roger Grein

Dr. Bryan Griffin

Mr. & Mrs. Brett Grover

Dr. & Mrs. Richard Lofgren

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Lovell

Ms. Judy Lucas

Mr. & Mrs. Greg Martin

Mary Cassinelli Architect, LLC

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Mayer

McCarroll Enterprises, LLC DBA Jersey Mike’s Sub & Salads

Mr. Nash McCauley

Mr. & Mrs. Everard Meade

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Meyer

MIDAS Class of 2016 Xavier University

Mr. & Mrs. David Mott

Mr. Tenley Moy

Dr. Renate Thomas & Mr. Anthony Thomas

Ms. Anne Feczko & Mr. Daniel Flynn

Dr. Brett Offenberger & Mr. Douglas Duckett

Ms. Rita S. Knueven & Mr. Frank M. Lade

Dr. Susan Abbott & Mr. Jason Abbott

Mr. Jerome Diersing & Mr. Maurice Drummey

Dr. Lisbeth Lazaron & Mr. Nicholas Dunning

Dr. Christopher Bolling & Mr. Stephen Peterson

Dr. Barbara Tobias & Mr. Thomas Tobias

Mr. Don Yelton & Ms. Ann Saluke

Mr. Stephen Lavelle & Ms. Anne Schoelwer

Mr. James Edwin Cartledge & Ms. Christine Bowers Cartledge

Mr. Alexander Stillpass & Ms. Lisa Pennekamp

Mr. David Barr & Ms. Margaret Smith Barr

Mr. Damian Billy & Ms. Margaret Szempruch

Dr. Bernard Lechitz & Ms. Marlene Ostrow

Dr. Reid Hartmann & Ms. Patty Klein

Ms. Katy Ann Murphy

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Murphy

Mr. Herbert Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Nordmark

Ms. Christine O’Dea

Dr. Cora Ogle

Ms. Paula Ott

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Painter

Ms. Nina Paul

Paw’s Place

Pleasant Run Presbyterian Women’s Association

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Williams

Dr. Michael Willing

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wimberg

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Wood

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Woodward

Mr. Thomas Zeno

Ms. Nicola Ziady


($1.00 to $99.00)

Mr. William Abernethy

Ms. Carol Aquino

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Arens

Mr. Jack Arkle

Ms. Bettye Beaumont

Mr. & Mrs. Don Bennett

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Berger

Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Bergman

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bergman

The Most Reverend Joseph Binzer

Mrs. Rozlyn Bleznick

Mr. & Mrs. John Boehm

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Brinker

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Broersma

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Brosz

Mr. & Mrs. William Bruner

Mr. Steven Buck

Ms. Mary Burke Rivers

Ms. Ann Burrows

Mr. Peter Bushelman

Mr. & Mrs. Lanthan Camblin

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Canarie

Mr. & Mrs. P. Stephen Carey

Ms. Jo Ann Casuto

Mrs. Julia Clark

Mr. Blane Collison

Community Shares of Greater Cincinnati

Mr. James Conrady

Mr. James Conway

Mr. & Mrs. John Coyle

Mr. & Mrs. Victor DiMeo

Dr. Marcia Kaplan & Dr. Michael Privitera

Duke Energy Foundation

Mr. Wiliam Dunlap

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Miller

Mr. Stephen Mischen

Ms. Kathy Moroney

Ms. Carolyn Moseley

Ms. Carolyn Royalty & Mr. Drew Asimus

Dr. Edward Wolf & Ms. Amy Diamond

Mr. Walter Blair & Ms. Becky Weber

Mr. David Weybright & Ms. Bobbi W. Graham

Mr. John K. Spence & Ms. Colleen O’Toole

Mr. George Dershimer & Ms. Janice Hay

Mr. Mike Flowers & Ms. Maureen Maxfield

Ms. Kathy Schellinger & Ms. Nancy Kathman

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Naugle

Mr. Richard Neyer

Mr. & Mrs. Mahboob Noory

Dr. Patricia O’Connor

Ms. Eileen O’Donnell

Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities

Ms. Suzanne Parkey

Perrino Landscape, Inc.

Ms. Ann Plyler

Ms. Mary Beth Poehner

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Postow

Mr. Dennis Preston

Prudential Financial, Inc.

Ms. Bea Randle

Mr. & Mrs. William Reeves

Ms. Sue Richey

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Richmond

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Riegler

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Ritzi

Ms. Mary Ann Robinson

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Robinson

Ms. Melissa Sanders

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Schneider

Ms. Martha Seagram

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sepate

Ms. Charlotte Sheard

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Slatterly

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Snow

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Mr. & Mrs. Alan Solomon

St. Mary Catholic Church


($2,500.00 to $4,999.00)

Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati

The Asset Advisory Group, Inc.

Dr. Hillel Gray & Ms. Cathy Bowers

Mr. and Mrs. Irving Harris

Mrs. Betty B. Klinedinst

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Klinedinst, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Neyer

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pichler

Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur, LLP

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Strange

The Peter F. and Mary W. Levin Philanthropic Fund at Interact for Change

UC Health

Dr. & Mrs. Michael Weinrib


($1,000.00 to $2,400.00)

Agnes Nordloh Charitable Trust


Mr. & Mrs. William Bagley

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy E. Beischel


Mr. & Mrs. Edward Castleberry

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Clauder

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Collar

Deloitte Services LP

Evelyn W. Dunn Charitable Trust

Evendale Medical Center Foundation

First Financial Bank

Ms. Ann Garrard

Dr. Bruce Giffin

Ms. Henrietta Goolsby

Hatton Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Lester Hauser

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hauser

Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion

Hixson Architecture Engineering Interiors

Ms. Jane Gluck

Mr. & Mrs. Cary Hines

Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Jones

Mr. & Mrs. Lorrence Kellar

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Knueven

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Knueven

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Leach

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Meyer

Mr. Byron Mischen

Ms. Jennifer Mooney

Mr. Wm. E. Lege & Ms. Anne M. Maxfield

Dr. Mark D. Manley & Ms. Annette Wick

Mr. Keven E. Shell & Ms. Sandra Wittman-Shell

Mt. Auburn Presbyterian Church

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Neuman

Mr. & Mrs. Barry Polley

Mr. Ryan Postlewaite

Mr. Shane Qualls

St. Francis de Sales Parish

St. Francis Seraph Ministries

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Stelzle

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Tillar

Truepoint Wealth Counsel

University of Cincinnati


($100.00 to $499.00)


Mr. & Mrs. Steven Allen

Ms. Brigid Almaguer

A-One Dry Cleaners

Mr. & Mrs. Barry Arlinghaus

Mr. Jay Ashmore

Bartlett and Company

Mr. Harold Bedenbaugh

Mr. David Bell

Ms. Ellen A. Berghamer

Better Business Bureau

Mr. Bruce Bierschbach

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Blake

Mr. & Mrs. Claude Blenman

Mr. Mark Bohmer

Ms. Elizabeth Bonis

Mr. Stephen Gubser

Leslie Gunzenhaeuser

Mr. & Mrs. James Haas

Mr. & Mrs. John Habbert

Mr. Mark Haggard

Ms. Roxanne Hamilton

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hauser

Mr. Mark Heiman

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Helton

Mr. Scott Henderson

Mr. & Mrs. L. Thomas Hiltz

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Hitzler

Mr. & Mrs. David Hoesl

Judge & Mrs. Timothy Hogan

Holtmeier Plumbing Co.

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Horton

Mrs. Beverly Hylton

Mr. & Mrs. Greg Ionna

Dr. Maralyn Itzkowitz

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Jacobe

Johnson & Johnson

Dr. & Mrs. Brian Jones

Dr. & Mrs. Edmund Jones

Mr. & Mrs. Steven A. Jones

Ms. Gail Kagler

Ms. Bridget Kahermanes

Mr. Alan Kastner

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Keeley

Mr. Franklin Klaine

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Knox

Ms. Judith A. Knueven

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Knueven

Ms. Margaret Knueven

Mr. Ronald Knueven

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Knueven

Ms. Mary Jo Knueven-Brett

Rabbi & Mrs. Barry Kogan

Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Kopin

Kroger Community Rewards

Mr. & Mrs. John Kron

Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians

Ms. Rita Lambers

Mr. Christopher Lane

Ms. Wan Lim

Ms. Vivian Pohl

Presbyterian Women of MTWASH

Mr. & Mrs. Randy Prickle

Dr. & Mrs. Donald Raithel

Richard Consulting Corporation

Mr. & Mrs Clifford Riegler

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Rigaud

Ms. Susan Rivers-Payne

Mr. & Mrs. David Rosekrans

Ms. Mary Jo Ross

Ms. Dorothy Ruffley

Mr. Michael Ruh

Ms. Diana Salter

Mr. Kenneth J. Schneider

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Scholz

Mr. Timothy Schraw

Mr. & Mrs. David Scroggins

ScrogginsGrear, Inc.

Ms. Amy Short

Ms. Sue Showers

Mrs. Susan Siemers

Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur

Society of St. Vincent DePaul

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Speer

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Stecher

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Steiner

Mr. Charles R. Stephens

Ms. Mary Stone

Ms. Sandra Stork

Ms. Linda Strauss

Ms. JoAnn Strong

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Szucs

Mrs. Ludmilla Tenkman

Mr. & Mrs. Victor Tenkman

Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Tobin

Ms. Amanda Toft

Mr. & Mrs. David Uphaus

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wanner

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wayne

Mr. William Wehrman

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Weitzenkorn

Mr. & Mrs. Bernad Widlansky

Ms. Carolyn Wiedamann

Ms. Karen Wienkamp

Mr. Richard Elam

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Ernst

Mr. & Mrs. James Fierro

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Foster

Ms. Clara Franz

Ms. Mary Jo Freedman

Mr. & Mrs. Randy Gardner

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Gorman

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Groppe

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Grueninger

Ms. Suzanne Hanson

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Havlin

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Heideman

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Henderson

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Hess

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hess

Mr. & Mrs. George Hill

Mr. & Mrs. James Hoffman

Ms. Nancy K. Holterhoff

Ms. Cathy Honsaker

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Humason

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Jacobs

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Johnstal

Mr. & Mrs. R. Dennis Kelly

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Kirzner

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Klimek

Mr. & Mrs. James Knecht

Mr. Scott Knox

Mr. & Mrs. William Kuhlman

Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Kuy

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph LaCharity

Mr. & Mrs. Todd Lewis

Ms. Barbara Lima

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lynch

Ms. Marilyn Maag

Marianist Mission

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Martin

Mr. G. Massey

Mr. & Mrs. Wm McClain

Ms. Peggy McKnight

Ms. Jane Meranda

Ms. Jane Messingschlager

Mr. Joseph Messingschlager

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mileham

Ms. Juanita Stork

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Stuckenschneider

Sr. Rita Sturwold

Mr. John Tennant

Ms. Paula Thorman

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Thorpe

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tomamichel


Mr. & Mrs. Eric Ubelhor

Mr. Thomas Vaughn

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Vetorino

Mr. John Von Benken

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Walsh

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Weis

Ms. Heidi Welti

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Wertepny

Mr. Edward Whelan

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Whelan

Mr. & Mrs. James Whitehouse

Ms. Antonietta Wolf

Ms. Francie Wolgin

Mr. James T. Wright


The Christ Hospital

Mercy Health

St. Elizabeth Healthcare


University of Cincinnati Medical Center


Cincinnati Health Network

National Health Care for the Homeless Council

Partnership Center, Ltd.

Strategies to End Homelessness

University of Cincinnati

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

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