Transformation Awards 2023

Join us, Thursday, September 14 at 7:00 PM to celebrate this year’s honorees

Celebrating 20 years of service. The Center for Respite Care provides comprehensive, recuperative care for individuals experiencing homelessness.

Honoring 20 for 20!

As we celebrate this anniversary year, we will honor 20 individuals and organizations who have been a part of the story of the Center’s 20 years of service.

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The mission of the Center for Respite Care is to provide quality, holistic medical care to people experiencing homelessness who need a safe place to heal, while assisting them in breaking the cycle of homelessness.

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Our goal is to reach one cohort: those who need us most. Collectively we feed, treat, clothe and care for people. Read More ›

Laurel Derks Nelson, CEO

These people have been my saving grace and backbone while at the center. They have taught me to hold patience in one hand and humility in the other. Read More ›

Joseph Harmon

Lives We’ve Touched

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

Collectively we feed, treat, clothe and care for people. While we were founded 20 years ago, it has been the move to our new location, which has enabled essential growth and world class facilities for our clients.

This is a thanks to the Franciscan Friars. This brave organization that stands for social justice and serves the most impoverished among us has made this space available in the heart of Over-the-Rhine. While there is much talk about gentrification in our community, we solidly sit in the middle of development and serve those who need us most.

We live in the Saint Anthony Center, which is made possible by the Franciscan Friars. The Friars have created a multi century legacy of caring for the most challenged and impoverished people in the communities in which they work and live. Their commitment to St. Francis endures:

“He preached peace in an era when life without war was unthinkable. He embraced the poor while others treated them with scorn. And he allied himself with nature centuries before humanity understood its connection to every living thing.”

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The Center for Respite Care

The Center for Respite Care (the Center) is a 24-hour facility providing medical and nursing care to sick people experiencing homelessness to promote effective healing. Clients receive quality medical care and assistance in breaking the cycle of homelessness. Since opening in 2003, the Center has cared for over 1,800 sick and injured people who are homeless.

Medical Needs of People Experiencing Homelessness

Substandard living conditions, inadequate nutrition, extreme weather and limited healthcare inevitably lead to serious health conditions. Shelters and homeless treatment programs are simply unable to accommodate clients recovering from surgery or those with acute health conditions. Also, area hospitals cannot provide extended post-treatment care to homeless patients. Therefore, people who experiencing homelessness have a high rate of unresolved health conditions or complications which lead to repeat emergency room visits and hospital stays due to improper healing, at a tremendous cost to local hospitals and our community.

Closing the Gap: Homeless Health Services

The collaborative efforts of many health care and homeless service providers allow The Center to be an important link in the transition for many people. Illness or injury does not have to disrupt a person’s progress toward self-sufficiency. By offering appropriate care and referral of patients to post-recovery treatment and/or housing, The Center is an important bridge enabling people without homes to begin or continue the path to independent living in permanent housing.

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Thank you, faith-based communities

The Center for Respite Care is grateful to the faith-based community for its commitment to social justice, health, and healing. This unwavering...

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Over 1000 individuals, churches, foundations, businesses, and other civic groups have given money, goods, or volunteer service since we opened our doors. We operate with government funds, grants, support from area hospitals and generous gifts from corporations and individuals. This, combined with volunteerism, ensures that we can continue to grow our impact.


The Center for Respite Care enjoys the support of volunteers in carrying out its mission.

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Providing comfortable clothing for rest and medical recovery is an ongoing need, as are toiletries.


We would not be able to pursue our mission without all of the generous support we have received from this amazing community.

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Transformation Awards

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