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Values in the Time of COVID

by | Feb 3, 2021 | The Center’s Words

Laurie Nelson
Welcome to our new blog. This is a place where our key experts will post about The Center twice per month. You will learn about our environment, our hopes, our challenges, our success and how The Center serves our community.
We start today with talking about our values and how importance they are too us. (We adopted them several years ago and they are central to our practices.)


Ignite the human spirit through by health, hope and dignity.


Provide high quality health care.


Demonstrate mercy and compassion for all.


Connect the individual to the Greater Cincinnati/Tristate community through case management.


Serve, collaborate and educate within our internal and external communities.

We live these values every day.  We do so because of the most important value of all; Mercy.


Serve those in need without question or judgment of one’s worthiness.

Now more than ever.

The time of COVID has been so challenging for us, as with others who provide healthcare. Our team has worked daily throughout the pandemic. Most of us are not able to perform our jobs from home as they require interaction with real people, in real time, and with real needs. This means putting aside our own concerns for the betterment of the vulnerable lives that we often hold in our hands.

I thank my team for their enduring commitment to these individuals—our clients, your neighbors. This has really tested our team and our values. I am pleased that, while COVID continues to rage, my team consistently demonstrates these words; that are more than mere words to us.

Simply put, we serve.

This is who we are.

I am also pleased that we have kept the incidence of COVID19 low and on the only occasion in which it became a factor, we were able to quickly identify the vulnerability, guide the client to treatment and wellness and stem the spread.

Members of my team and our clients (all of whom have opted to take the vaccine) are fortunate to have been vaccinated. We work daily under ever-changing guidelines set forth by the CDC and governing health authorities. And we can successfully ensure the wellness, safety and dignity of our clients through our own commitment to our values.

There is a saying “show me your budget and I will tell you your values.” My version is “Show me how you invest your time, and I will tell you your values.”

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