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It’s a Good Time to Say Thanks

by | Jun 1, 2022 | The Center’s Words

Diana and Martha

As we enter a new fiscal year, we take stock – and we say thanks to those people and organizations who ensure our success. This starts with our employees – the people who care for our clients – who come into the Center daily – who take our most vulnerable citizens from a place of illness to wellness.

Importantly, our board matters. Our board members make hard decisions, commit tireless hours and as volunteers – dedicate themselves to our clients. Speaking of volunteers; they are the lifeblood of the Center. These individuals bring in meals and offer their time, treasure and expertise. They teach our clients about vital life skills and bring in lightness and fun – art and music.

As we embark upon the 2022 Transformation Awards – we reflect. This year, we are pleased to have a stellar class of honorees – people and organizations who have transformed our community and helped the Center.

Significantly, we thank the citizens of Hamilton County. Some years ago we were considered to be included in the Senior Services Tax Levy. The Tax Levy review committee gave the Center highly positive reviews and included us in the Levy. This meant that we were able to receive funding for our senior clients. The public-at-large recognizes that our clients are people like you and me – and that support of them, supports us all. We are blessed to again have been recommended for the 2022 Levy in November.

We hope that the citizenry again passes the Levy. Thank you Hamilton County.

And lastly, we thank our long-term partner WKRC Channel 12, and specifically health expert and reporter Liz Bonis. Lis understands us. For almost a decade Liz has focused attention on the Center. This has included being the emcee for the Transformation Awards, doing news stories about us, and having us on her weekly show. Most recently our own Kay Burlew, Medical Recovery Manager was a guest along with Clinton Sims.

Clinton was a client.  After he was successfully discharged, he came to the Center and volunteered. He was offered a job as a part-time janitor.  He did this job for a little more than a year.  He asked for a chance to work with the clients (CCA position) when we were short-staffed during COVID.  We allowed him to fill in and it was a great fit.  He now works full-time as a CCA for us.

As we continue the journey through another phase of the pandemic and other challenges, we are well aware that we are you are due to the company that we keep.

Thanks for believing in us.

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