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Our Annual Campaign and Why It Matters

by | Jan 18, 2022 | The Center’s Words

Our annual campaign started on November 1, 2021 and continues until March 31, 2022. We do accept contributions year- round; but place a special emphasis on donations this time of the year. We conduct our campaign this annually to raise much-needed funds to care for our clients. The past two years have been a challenge as people experiencing homelessness require care that has been intensified by the pandemic.

Channel 12 has been a partner to the Center in helping the public to learn about our client’s needs. They are currently running a public service announcement to heighten awareness. I was recently on air with Liz Bonis (the station’s health care expert) to discuss who we are, what we do and how you may help. It is this type of visibility that educates the public-at-large.

Who we are:

We treat individuals who are experiencing homelessness, have health challenges and need a place to rest, recover and regain health.

Many individuals experiencing homelessness believe a healthy life is only for people of means. The Center educates our clients on their right to appropriate healthcare. This includes accessing applicable benefits and low-cost or free healthcare in the community.

Clients are assisted in establishing a medical home, and a relationship with a primary care physician. Resources and education ensure that the client has health equity.

What we do:

Many of our clients have become disenfranchised from “the system” and their families and require learning and guidance as they move forward.

Access to knowledge

  • Regarding personal health, conditions, regular medical needs, and benefits.

Access to community wide connections

  • Including establishing a medical home with a physician and medical team the client knows and trusts.
  • Establishing and maintaining ongoing support from community connections.

Access to empowerment

  • Clients discharge from the program with the tools and skills necessary to move from medical recovery to independence, re-connected to the wider community and on the same playing field as those who have not experienced homelessness.

Who funds us?

Our funding comes from grants, a Hamilton County Tax Levy, some other government $$$$ and individual donations. This annual campaign provides an opportunity for individuals to simply visit our home page and contribute. Every dollar helps. We encourage you to visit and simply press the DONATE button.

We thank our staff who has worked tirelessly. The omicron variant has sadly impacted many and we anticipate future challenges. We are committed to serving people who need it most and to providing a safe and healthy place to recover and secure stable housing and employment.

Thanks for your consideration. You make the mission happen!

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The Center for Respite Care is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization. View our 2022 IRS Form 990 – Public Disclosure.








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