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The Center’s Place in the World of Medical Respite

by | Aug 16, 2022 | The Center’s Words

Medical Respite Award for Excellence
Once in a while, it is appropriate to “boast” about our role in the medical respite panacea. As the CEO of the Center for Respite Care, I am fortunate to be asked to participate in national conversations. Candidly, this is because we are good at what we do, have a staff who is truly committed, and most importantly, take very good care of our clients.

We are an integrated model of care. Note this means that we provide for a multitude of clients’ needs – be they medical, social, or transitioning from the Center back into the wider community.

The Models of Medical Respite Care (MRC) have been established to serve as a framework to describe MRC programs and the various services that may be offered within the program. Each program design is in response to community and client (patient) needs; thus, variability is expected. However, the models may be used to determine the types and intensity of clinical, case management, and care coordination services that can be expected within each MRC setting. The Center exceeds all standards set forth.

Although each program and model may differ, all MRC programs include:

  • 24-hour access to a bed
  • Access to 3 meals/day
  • Transportation to any/all medical appointments
  • Access to a phone for telehealth and/or communications related to medical needs
  • Safe space to store personal items
  • Wellness check at least 1x every 24 hours by medical respite staff (clinical or non-clinical)

Importantly and specifically the Center for Respite Care provides –

Onsite clinical services including:

  • 24-hour program staffing
  • On-call medical support
  • Care coordination with home health and home-based clinical care services (if services are not provided by the onsite medical/clinical team)
  • The client has space to engage with home-based clinical services not offered onsite (e.g. home health, home nursing care, physical therapy, speech, occupational therapy)
  • Daily evaluation (or as indicated by plan) by a clinical provider
  • Provision of medical clinical services within the scope of the license
  • Coordination of medical appointments
  • Discharge instructions and clinical care plan
  • Medication management:
    • Storage of medications by qualified MRC clinical staff
    • Dispensing or administration of medication
    • Education and skill development to self-manage and administer medications
    • Identification and implementation of strategies to support independence in medication management
  • Chronic condition management:
    • Medical management and treatment
    • Self-management education
    • Monitoring and support to complete intensive outpatient medical treatment, such as:
      Dialysis and Chemotherapy

Onsite case management/care coordination:

  • Completion of case management and supportive services onsite as applicable (e.g., MRC case managers can complete coordinated entry intake process)
  • Referral to case management and other related services throughout the wider community.
  • Connection and transition to primary care provider/health home before discharge
  • Behavioral Health:
    • Screening & assessment
    • Connection and transition to long-term community behavioral health
  • Substance use treatment:
    • Recovery-focused individual therapy
    • Recovery-focused group education
    • Referral and transition to community-based recovery programs
  • The opportunity to participate in Center sponsored aftercare activities.

It is this complete program that we provide that gives our clients the best chance of success once they leave us and begin life on their own. Thanks to my team for going the distance. My thanks as well to all of you who support this effort on behalf of our clients with your time, talent, and treasure. You make the mission happen!

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