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Treatment Centers — Key Center partners — Thank you!

by | Sep 18, 2023 | The Center’s Words

As we head into the second half of 2023, we continue to pay tribute to organizations that have been part of the Center for Respite Care for 20 years. Many of our clients come to us with mental health and substance use disorder (SUD) challenges. It is a big thanks to the area treatment centers that we together navigate a healthy path for our clients.

 The following are representative of those with whom we collaborate:


 Cincinnati Behavioral Health:

 Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services (GCBHS) has held the space for hope when their clients and their family members may have run out of it. The agency reports, “With every merger, acquisition, and expansion, we’ve chosen the hope-filled path—guided by the belief that we can make life better and brighter for people with mental illness, addiction, and related challenges.”

​The GCBHS of today—a $45 million organization with 700 staff serving 30,000 people annually—is the sum of many parts. They officially became Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services in 2004, with the merger of two long-running mental health agencies, Cincinnati Restoration, Inc. and Queen City Case Management.

In 2014, they merged with Clermont Recovery Center (a substance abuse treatment agency) and LifePoint Solutions (a social service agency dating back to 1879).  They are now the most prominent behavioral healthcare provider in the Greater Cincinnati region, serving people of all ages and walks of life, who are affected by mental illness and addiction. 

Their psychiatrists, primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, counselors, care managers, employment specialists, and other staffers are a cut above—not just because they are rigorously trained, but also, because they genuinely believe in the work. Day after day, they choose the hope-filled path, too, and lead clients on the journey toward wellness.


The Center for Addiction Treatment:

When it first opened its doors in 1970, the Center for Addiction Treatment (CAT) offered a unique viewpoint on addiction. Its members firmly believed addiction was a disease to be treated, not a moral failing to be punished. While this belief is widely accepted today, that wasn’t always the case; CAT was ahead of its time.

The Center for Addiction Treatment has provided services to chemically dependent adults since its incorporation in June 1970. At that time, the agency, then known as the Center for Comprehensive Alcoholism Treatment (CCAT), was located on 14th Street in Cincinnati.

  • Recovery is within reach – using the best tools available in this region, CAT makes recovery personally attainable for any patient by offering affordable access to care that is close in proximity to anywhere in the Tristate.
  • Patients have access to both residential and intensive outpatient services, including a dedicated physician and 24/7 access to professionally trained nursing staff.
  • Through CAT’s network, patients have access to a vibrant, active recovery community for continued support after treatment.
  • CAT’s medication-assisted treatment program for opiate-dependent patients utilizes FDA approved medications including Suboxone® and Vivitrol®. These medications are used as part of a comprehensive approach that includes monitored urine screens and close management of pill dispensing, paired with proven counseling methods and unique support programs.
  • CAT has a rich history of successfully treating addiction since 1970, making it the longest-standing addiction treatment center in the region.


Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services:

The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services is committed to continuity of care statewide. This means that one place looks out for the people and organizations who experience SUD.


The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) exists to provide statewide leadership of a high-quality mental health and addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery system that is effective and valued by all Ohioans.


OhioMHAS strives to end suffering from mental illness, substance use disorders, and problem gambling for Ohioans of all ages, their families, and communities.


The team at OhioMHAS strives to demonstrate our core values in our relationships with our constituents across the state, with our state sister agencies, and within our department.

  • Contribute & Collaborate
  • Serve Compassionately
  • Deliver Quality
  • Be Accountable

Community Partners

OhioMHAS values and depends on successful partnerships with community agencies, organizations, and boards. Partners are needed to provide the continuum of care to Ohioans, helping people where they are. Community partners play a vital role in mental health and addiction services.

Thank you to the people who assist with the journey of our clients at the Center for Respite Care. Mental illness and SUD continues to confront scores of people. It is  — in great part — in the work that we carry out with this community that we mutually assist in treatment.  Our 20 years have been about working collectively to ensure success. To the mental health and addiction treatment community — we couldn’t do it without you.

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