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Celebrating 20 years of partnering with area hospitals

The Center for Respite Care, founded 20 years, ago receives clients from a variety of sources. A primary source is area hospitals. This means that when hospitals discharge people — who have nowhere else to go and need to continue to heal — the Center becomes their...

Transitional programs make stable living possible

The Center for Respite Care provides a safe place for our clients to heal, regain health and re-establish independent living. However, many folks confront ongoing challenges — area transitional housing programs can be a critical part of their journey. Transitional...

Thank you for the epic meals

As the Center nears its 20th anniversary, we continue to recognize those who have contributed to our success. The Center relies upon volunteers who work tirelessly and give time and resources to our clients. This is especially true when it comes to providing meals for...

Laurie Nelson named TOPS in recovery

Movers and Makers named a few local leaders as tops in addiction treatment and recovery. Number one was our own Laurel Nelson. Laurel has been our CEO for over eight years. She led our transition to the Saint Anthony Center (SAC.). She also ensured that we were/are...

Center For Respite Care Turns 20 and Honors 20

2023 is about our partners The Center for Respite Care turns 20 in 2023. It is the region’s only organization that cares for people experiencing homelessness — once they are released from the hospital. Importantly, the Center team worked tirelessly through the...

Happy New Year — WOW, 20 YEARS!

Happy New Year! 2023 marks 20 years of service for the Center for Respite Care! The Center for Respite Care came into existence through the energies of several local medical and social service professionals who were daily made aware of the lack of options for a person...

Buddy Gaines Personifies Grace

Buddy Gaines has every reason to complain. Yet he is grateful. Grateful to the people who have helped him and grateful to The Center for Respite Care. His mission is simple — to say thanks and to offer a hand to others. Though his speech is challenged — due to throat...

Center for Respite Care Provides Caring and Hope for the Holidays

With the holiday season upon us and the cold temperatures underway — life is even more difficult for people experiencing homelessness. The Center for Respite Care (located in the Saint Anthony Center in Over-the-Rhine) provides a place for adults to heal who have been...

Heading Toward Thanksgiving; Thank you

With Thanksgiving next week — we give thanks to our donors, volunteers, staff, and our clients — the people who put so much faith in the Center. We are also grateful that the citizens of Hamilton County voted to approve the Senior Services, Tax Levy. The Center...

Pam Hoffman thanks the Center

Pam Hoffman experienced homelessness for about a year — ended up in the hospital and then the hospital referred her to the Center — she is one of the people whom we are proud to call our client. As we prepare to launch our annual appeal campaign, we introduce you to...

We are Grateful

The Center for Respite Care can serve our clients due, in large part, to our partners. This starts with the citizens of Hamilton County who support the Senior Services Tax Levy  (on the November ballot) – of which we are a part, the area hospitals, and many service...

From Transformation Awards to Our Annual Campaign

Our annual Transformation Awards launched on September 15th. The virtual presentation is still active and available on our website. We are pleased that we have already raised over 111K. The Center does not receive United Way funds. We rely upon individual generosity,...

The Center: Mental Health Challenges are Something that We Understand

The Center for Respite Care treats individuals who have confronted a myriad of challenges in their lives. While many of those are physical – mental health often is part of the equation. Our medical and social services teams are qualified to work with any individual...

The Center’s Place in the World of Medical Respite

Once in a while, it is appropriate to “boast” about our role in the medical respite panacea. As the CEO of the Center for Respite Care, I am fortunate to be asked to participate in national conversations. Candidly, this is because we are good at what we do, have a...

Thank You Sponsors!

Our third annual virtual Transformation Awards event is coming fast – to be initially aired on September 15. While this event (for many years) had been live – COVID 19 changed our plans. We have since learned that our audience enjoys the virtual event, ensuring good...

Who is The Center for Respite Care?

While it is relatively straightforward to explain what the Center does and who we are; it is more challenging to agree upon what it means to be a person experiencing homelessness. The Center’s work and clients are a combination of both. What does the Center do? The...

State of the Nationwide Need for Medical Respite Services

We live in a prosperous nation – yet for people experiencing homelessness; the state of our country is much different. For nearly 20 years, The Center for Respite Care has cared for people experiencing homelessness who are ill and have no place else to go. Clients are...

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